Worcester Boat Club

Sweep rowing and Sculling for the Worcester Adult Community

Little surpasses the joy of beginning one's day on the quiet, glassy surface of Lake Quinsigamond at dawn. As you welcome the sun's arrival, and your boat swiftly, but smoothly and quietly cuts through the surface, you find a mindful awareness of all the possibilities that the rest of the day will bring.  Whether we observe the long boats at regattas, or the single sculler passing beneath the bridge, we notice the rhythm, the elegance of every movement - each rower in sync with the other, as if in a great dance. Worcester has a long history in this sport, more than150 years. We invite you to not only come and see it, but to grab a seat and join in. Your life may never be the same again!

The Worcester Boat Club has been in existence since 1888, and with the recent focus on maintaining general fitness and re-invigorating our lives, we offer to every adult (18 and up) the opportunity to become engaged in a sport for a lifetime. We are fortunate to row on the storied waters of Lake Quinsigamond, one of the finest rowing venues in North America. We are the Masters division of Lake Quinsigamond Community Rowing (LQCR), and affiliated with USRowing, the governing body of the sport in America.

Rowing has been shown to provide as close to a full-body, low-impact workout as any athletic endeavor, and it is something that we participate in year-round. We are on the water from March through late Fall, and indoor fitness activities during the winter. We offer participation in some racing events, but primarily focus on individual rowing, providing challenges at a level you select.

We offer classes for even the most inexperienced novice, developing solid and safe techniques in both Sweep rowing (one big oar per person) and Sculling (two lighter oars per person). Our group is open to men and women throughout the community, and we help develop each person's individual skill as far as they wish to take it. Many of our members did not take up rowing until later in life, and one of the few regrets we hear is that they didn't take it up sooner. Well, it is never too late to begin, and we really do consider this a sport that you can use for a (longer) lifetime.And we can't wait to meet you.

Be forewarned though - rowing can become quite compelling! There is nothing quite like it, as you are sure to find out. And there is nothing quite like hearing friends and family wanting to know what you've been doing lately to look and feel so good!